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Protected areas valorisation (ENGLISH)

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About this course

This MOOC is about the sustainable use or valorisation of natural resources in protected areas. The main goal of this course is to introduce some of the commonly-used ways to sustainably valorise protected areas (and their resources), thereby contributing to their long-term conservation. It will focus on two complementary approaches: the first part of the MOOC will cover the benefits (direct or indirect) provided by natural resources in protected areas, while the second part will focus on sustainable tourism and its benefits, costs, opportunities and threats.

What you’ll learn

• What are the benefits of protected areas? How are they defined?

• How are benefits measured and increased?

• What are the benefits, costs and opportunities of tourism in PAs?

• How to develop sustainable tourism for the benefit of PA conservation?

The instructors

There are three instructors presenting this course: Geoffroy Mauvais (IUCN-Papaco), Nigel Dudley (Equilibrium Research) and Anna Spenceley (WCPA-TAPAS). The content of the course was created by these instructors as well as Sue Stolton (Equilibrium Research) and Andrew Rylance (WCPA-TAPAS).

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