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Protected Areas Management in Africa (ENGLISH)

About this course

This MOOC is about areas that are dedicated to nature conservation: "protected areas". You will learn how they work, and why they are crucial to the health of our developing world's environment, more specifically, in Africa. This course covers the stakes of conservation in Africa, and how protected areas can help overcome the challenges, from a local to an international level.

What you’ll learn

• How do protected areas work?

• Why are protected areas so important, especially in Africa?

• What are the challenges of conservation in Africa?

• What is the planning process for protected areas?

• How is the effectiveness of a protected area assessed?

The instructors

Many speakers will join in this course and practically illustrate the classes led by the four main instructors: Paul Ndiaye (UCAD in Dakar), Paul Ouedraogo (Ramsar Secretariat), Sylvie Goyet (who let the Banc d'Arguin international Foundation) and Geoffroy Mauvais (International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN).

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